History of Sic Bo

When their hair chain to a certain extent, it is necessary to carefully summarize, to see which sites and forums hair chain effect is good, how hair effect is good, special analysis and research. For some of the better posts, if the effect is good, we need to go to the collection in time, and then for links, text for special classification. For some good results of the site, but also pay attention to check-in, timely post some articles, so you can maintain account, for the future optimization and promotion is of great help. When the external chain master to a certain stage, we need to pay attention to the quality of the external chain, for some large websites and forums we are very necessary to publish some high-quality original articles, which is very helpful for the website, it will also increase the reprint rate of the site. In addition, the construction of the site outside the chain of some common skills also need to pay attention to increase the number of outside the chain and keep the blog. In fact, many people like to use the blog to send outside the chain, this is also a good way to optimize the promotion, because the blog is free, but also can continue to produce a lot of outside the chain, for the site is a great help. For the blog or pay attention to the quality of the article must be high, to the original blog, so that the value of this article will be very high.

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